Top 10 child-friendly destinations in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most modern, well planned family-friendly destinations
in Asia as it has an efficient transport system, is beautifully green and an
extremely clean place to visit with kids. It is very pristine with wide pavements
to let buggies ride on them and spacious hotels which make travelling with kids
very convenient. Singapore has loads of entertainment activities for adults,
teens as well as kids of all ages; be that the Sentosa Island or many more parks
and museums scattered all over the downtown area.

Its streets are flooded with venders selling yummy ice cream, sandwiches and
lip-smacking snacks. You will find a perfect fusion of Chinese and Malay cultures
and the people are extremely friendly. There are all kinds of amenities available
if you have kids in tow.

Here are top 10 attractions that will keep your kids super happy:


1. Universal Studios
It is considered as one of the most awesome theme parks to have great fun with
your family, when you are on a family trip to Singapore. You and your kids will
love to spend a full day at the Universal Studios as it is the latest addition in
incredible Singapore. There are about 24 rides made within the amusement
park, the mummy roller coaster and the 3D ride Transformer being the
highlights of the park. The Lost World and the Water World are the star
attractions and kids of all ages just go crazy with many things to do and see.

2. Singapore Night Safari
It is a world-class charm that attracts and provides full entertainment to all kinds
of visitors. On the other hand it is dedicated to rescue, conservation and
research to help improve the lives of animal kingdom which are both in wild and
captivity. In this natural environment of Night Safari, thousands of animals from
Africa Asia, America and Europe can be seen. We all know that children love
animals and it is indeed a treat for them.

3. Wild Wild Wet Singapore

When you are holidaying with children, they really get irritable, if it is too humid.
Water Park is the best option to cool-off things. Wild Wild Wet is a mind blowing
water park in Singapore to beat the heat; it offers action-packed entertainment
with water-filled fun. It has melody of rides from adrenaline-filled slides to gentle
ones, in order to cater visitors of all ages. For kids especially, there is even a
playground named “Professors Playground”, which has many small slides, water
cannons, colorful fountains and paddling pools.

4. Kidzania Singapore
This place is exclusively for children, as it not only entertains them but provides
them with education in a fun manner. The complex comprises of a number of
different zones which have interactive learning stations inside a beautiful ‘kid-
sized city’.

There are around 80 role-play activities for kids which comprises of a replica of
bank, mini hospital, parlor activities and a fashion show for girls, a huge fuselage
of Boeing 737, pizza joints and other numerous places where you can satiate
your hunger.


5. Gardens by the Bay
These mesmerizing structures can outwardly amaze anyone especially in the
night. They are spread across Marina Bay and during the nightfall turns into a
breath taking spectacle of light. The most famous Supertree structures present
an impressive skywalk across the gardens. There are huge sea-shell-shaped
greenhouses which reinvent icy mountain sort of climate. You can walk around
the park with your children as there are hundreds of vivid variety of plants and
trees to discover. It looks absolutely magical in the night.

Singapore Art Science Museum Blue Sky Land

6. Art Science Museum
It is an architectural marvel and Singapore’s most impressive structure. The
entire -museum structure is designed with the most extraordinary technology in
the whole world. It is named as Art Science Museum as there are different
galleries which certainly highlight the relationship between the sciences and arts.
It is a great place for kids as they can see and relate it to what they study, at
the same time it is entertaining too.

7. Singapore Discovery Centre
Another perfect place for children getaway is the Singapore Discovery Centre. It
has all the outdoor activities to attract kids of all age group like paint ball, 3D
movies and zorbing. The indoor ones include a look at Singaporean culture and
history and the learning process of recording the news in mock television.

8. Port of the Lost Wonder
This place is at Sentosa Island and lies close to the beach. It is totally an
attraction for families with young children. Port of the Lost Wonder has a myriad
of play areas, climbing frames and themed slides. To keep the adults also busy
and entertained there are retail options and plenty of restaurants. The team at
the port organizes many fun games and activities for children all through the
day. Bubble party is highly recommended on the weekends.

Tiger Zoo Singapore Animal Nature Beautifu

9. Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo is spread over 26 hectares, it houses some 2,800 animals varying
across 300 species. There are exciting variety of animal shows which really
draws children’ attention, as they enjoy watching them with thrill. You can spend
a fun filled day at the Zoo and have a whole kind of different experience.

10. Mosh!
It is pronounced as Moshi, it is Singapore’s very first communicating digital
multi-media theme park which pledges to provide endless material for your
young ones’ imagination. It is designed using Japanese state-of- art technology;
each and every display is specially demonstrated to bring out imaginations of the
leaders of tomorrow i.e. the little ones.

To summarize everything, Singapore indeed is the best destination for spending
quality time with your little loved ones.

This article is written by Sarah Bennett, senior editor in, a
leading holiday &  travel portal in Dubai, UAE. Photos are from

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