Common Mistakes in Wedding Flower Arrangements

bridal flowers.png

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, that’s why you have to think about the flowers carefully since flowers are one of the most important parts too on your wedding; they are the thing that can make your wedding complete.

And that’s also the reason why choosing the wedding flowers is not really an easy task. Some people might choose their flowers wrong, and finally the wedding decoration is not as good as what they have expected with flowers.

Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Replicate an image

The most common mistake the brides make is trying to replicate an image they saw in a magazine. This is such a big mistake because flowers are not a thing to imitate, it is almost impossible for anyone to recreate an image—exactly like that.

It is okay if you use the image you saw in a magazine as your inspiration, but you cannot tell a florist to imitate or recreate an exactly similar design like it. Instead, you better use that appealing wedding flower arrangement as an inspiration and tell your wedding florist if you want your wedding flowers are as good as that. Your wedding florist will then help you customize the design and make it fit with your wedding theme and your personality.

  1. Flowers everywhere

We know that flowers are beautiful and must be there on a wedding, but you simply cannot put the flowers on every corner and every side of your wedding decoration. This is a big mistake because it will look too much and make the wedding decoration look less beautiful than what it should be.

  1. Wrong meaning

Flowers have meaning and can deliver some sentiments to people. This is why you have to pay attention to this matter too if you don’t want to choose the wrong flower.

Perform a little research about the meaning of flowers and then pick one flower that you think is the most suitable ono, either to the meaning and to the theme of your wedding.

Avoiding those three mistakes explained above will help you in getting a perfect wedding flower arrangement. You will then also get avoided by the waste of money or any other disappointments. Remember that wedding likely just happens once in your life, you have to think of the wedding flowers and everything else on your wedding carefully if you want to have a perfect wedding.

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