Book a Part-Time Cleaner in Singapore with Helpling

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Good news for busy mommies in Singapore!

Booking part-time help for your home chores has never been easy with the launch of Helpling Singapore.

The process of finding a trustworthy cleaner used to take several weeks until recently, customers can now outsource their housework within 60 seconds, through the Helpling app or website. It is as easy as booking a transport or ordering food online.

Helpling Singapore paved the way of matching people who are looking for help with their housework with trusted local cleaners through affordable, reliable and efficient website. No more long searches or tough decision-making. This is a definitely an answered prayer for those moms who are juggling work and family life or for those people who simply needs free time. It makes people’s daily lives easier.

So how does it work? You simply fill in your postal code, choose your cleaning plan, choose from the cleaners available, pay securely though a credit card, and love your spotless home while enjoying your free time.

You get to choose among the cleaners available in your area through a selection of cleaners based on corresponding ratings and feedback they got from previous customers. You too can leave a review or  feedback of your cleaner’s performance so others will get informed choices like you and help Helping assess their available cleaners.

The rate starts from as low as $20 per hour and the best part – free for the first session! How cool is that?!

As for the cleaners, Helpling makes it easier than ever to access new clients and to manage when and where they want to work. It helps Singaporeans and those qualified to find part-time jobs and earn decently and conveniently as well.

Furthermore, you may visit their blog page for some practical cleaning tips and inspiring stories of people who make Helpling awesome!

So next time you feel like no time to clean, find your cleaner via Helpling!


Limited Time Promotion!

So what are you waiting for? Book your free first session, click on now!


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