My Expat Story in ExpatFinder.Com


Esplanade and the Singapore River

Do you know my expat story?

You could read how my family ended up in Singapore back in 2012 and how I have given birth to this blog on that same year in Expat Mom Diaries ABOUT page.

Recently, I had another chance of telling my expat story through an interview by a popular expat website with offices in Singapore and Paris.

My favourite questions?

Do you miss home and family sometimes? How do you cope with homesickness? What do you think about the locals? How does the cost of living in Singapore compare to your home? How much is a cup of coffee? What do you think are the positive and negative sides of living in Singapore?

Intriguing questions demand exciting answers. Click here to read the complete interview conducted by the ExpatFinder website.

Expat Finder, is a trusted website that shows relevant information for people on the way to relocation. It provides reliable details and comparisons on products and services from different countries that would help an individual start a life abroad.

Some great features of this website is the City Guide CatalogueCost of Living GuideRelocation Guide and Work Guide. It also has a search engine designed for expats who are looking for international schools, movers, banks, insurance, among others. It does not endorse any brand or company but simply provides pertinent information for users to make informed decisions and make moving to another country a success.

By the way, Expat Finder has a very good feature on Moving to Singapore. You could find information on renting a house, pet regulations, getting domestic help, banking basics and even some notes on driving around Singapore. Well done Expat Finder!


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