10 Must-Haves when Travelling with Babies and Toddlers

I traveled with my Baby J when she was barely two months young.

We had to fly for more than three hours from Singapore to Manila and it was my first time to travel with an infant in tow. I was terribly anxious that the air pressure might be too much for her delicate ears or she might be in some sort of discomfort and cry on our entire flight. Sitting next to us would be a nightmare for any passenger if such thing happens, so I thought.

Good thing I prepared well for that flight. I have chosen a flight that is just in time for her regular sleeping time. We checked in hours before our flight and made sure baby is awake and active pre-flight. I also tried to keep her clothing as comfortable as possible and my baby bag packed with milk powder and bottles, extra nappies, extra clothing and baby toiletries. I kept baby toys to a minimum and just made myself ready to play with my baby throughout the journey. And it worked!

Fast forward, we had to take another flight to Manila from Singapore. Baby J is already 19 months that time around and just starting to walk. She was an active budding toddler. I have done the same winning mama strategies the first time – choose a flight timing closest to baby’s sleeping  time, arrive early at the airport,  pre-flight playtime, comfy clothes, and a well-stuffed baby bag. It was again a successful flight with the little one.


I really learned a lot from our overseas trips and I would like to share what I think are the travel essentials that moms must really, really have when travelling with babies and toddlers. Here are my list:

1. Enough Milk Powder and Milk Bottles. This is a must for ever hungry babies and so as toddlers who may run tantrums if not for a shot of their milk. Remember to bring them in your carry on bag and NEVER pack it in your check in bags.

2. Ultra Comfy Extra Clothes. Makes sure that your baby or toddler is wearing a clothing that is comfortable and bring extras in your carry on bags too for quick and easy change. Consider onesies that would not require you to remove socks or shoes.


These cottony onesies are just what you need when travelling. It gives ultimate comfort and wartmth for baby and provides easy nappy changing for mommy. Photo grabbed from Chicco Singapore. 

3. Lots of Baby Wipes. Carrying your ever reliable baby wipes with you all the time will help you and your baby keep clean. You could easily dispose off baby wipes after use instead of using a wash or burping cloth.

4. Extra Disposable Diapers. This is not a good time to potty train and try your luck, just use your reliable diaper brand and pack extras. I suggest that you put them individually in a clean plastic resealable bag that you may use to dispose the soiled one when changing nappies.

5.Baby Food and Snacks. Airplane food might not be appetizing (and healthy) for your little one so make sure to bring his fave baby food or snacks, or let him try something new but remember to give options in case snack number one did not fit the taste of your picky eater.


Stock up on healthy and delicious baby snacks, finger foods and squeezable superfood pouches available at  Agape Babies.  Photo grabbed from Agape Babies. 

6. A Surprise TOY! Every kid would love a new toy (or a new book). Save giving a new toy gift to your child  in time for your flight. If he would not go to sleep, then a new toy will surely keep him busy during the flight.


Mothercare Singapore has a lot of toys choices for every age. From soft toys to colorful learning puzzles to fun activity books. Photo grabbed from Mothercare Singapore.

7. Personal Baby Pillow and Blanket. While plane carriers normally provide pillow and blanket during flight, you might want to bring your little one’s favourite small pillow and baby blanket. It gives our little ones the feeling of familiarity with the things he uses at home during nap times and would most likely help him go to sleep easily.

The Skip Hop travel blanket comes in  different kid-friendly designs. It’s soft, sweet blanket easily tucks away into its own friendly portable pillow, complete with a carry-on strap for little hands. Get them on discount prices at Agape Babies. Photo grabbed from Agape Babies. 

8. Travel Sickness Meds for Momma. We can’t afford to harbour a migraine while taking care of our little ones on board. It is necessary to take fast-acting medicines that would cure headaches, pains and other discomfort so we could be 100% present for our child especially during emergencies.

9. Birth Certificate and other Legal Documents. If it would be your baby’s first time to fly, this would surely be necessary. And if one parent is not travelling, some airlines would require a parental permit from the other parent. Check with your local authorities or inquire with your plane carrier about it.

10. Choose a light-weight carry-on bag. Imagine the things you would carry while at the same time carrying your infant or running around looking after your playful toddler. A light-weight carry on bag will help you bring all the essentials but without hurting you shoulders and back.


Jujube Super Be Diaper Bag is ultra light, with pockets in the outside and inside for easy organizing and got a teflon fabric protector that helps repel stains. Check other fashionable yet light-weight baby bags at Pupsik Studio. Photo grabbed from Pupsik Studio


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