Singapore Market Food Review: Sarawak Kolo Mee

Eating in a food center inside a public market in Singapore is simply practical as most food shops offer cheap, relatively clean and delicious local food.

The public market floors here are neatly tiled. Every section (wet, dry, food centre) is organized, and vendors seem conforming to the strict rules of the authorities.






Our neighbourhood market, Tampines Round Market has a popular food centre where good food thrives through the years. Many food stalls here have been featured in local media and were given recognitions. This market opens early in the mornings and can be quite busy serving the local crowd. Most shops start to close by midday and the market is fully closed on Mondays.


They say that when there is a long queue in a food stall in a hawker place here in Singapore, the food must be worthy of the wait. So followed the crowd and queued in this noodle shop inside Tampines Round Market.


I ordered their signature Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee.


A regular bowl of this noodle costs $4. The noodle reminded me of an overcooked Lucky Me instant noodle back in Manila, too soggy for my taste. The fried wanton and boiled dumplings and pork charsiew were tasty, and the braised pork on the side is to die for. Mix them all together and its a smorgasbord offering to the tastebuds. It is delicious in itself without the chilis. Maybe if it will go better with some other type of yellow noodle.


I will definitely go back to this market not just to buy my fresh meat and veggies but also to try other food shops for some affordable yet delicious gastronomic adventure.

So till my next food-tasting and writing, ciao! 😉

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