My Chicken Giniling Espesyal


My Chicken Giniling Espesyal


We call it giniling or ground meat in the Philippines but here in Singapore, they call it minced meat. Just the same, I will be cooking a favourite Filipino dish today for my hungry munchkins using minced chicken meat I bought from online meat store, Mmmm!

The Filipino style of cooking Giniling is similar to cooking Spanish dishes Picadillo and Arroz Ala Cubana. In the Philippines, if you were served this dish with raisins or quail eggs or green peas, oh you are special. Only when there are special occasions like fiesta, birthday or baptism that this dish is usually served and made truly espesyal with the mentioned extra ingredients.

What You Will Need:

500 grams of minced chicken meat

peeled and crushed clove of garlic, sliced onions

diced carrots and potatoes, some green peas

peeled, hard-boiled quail eggs

tomato puree (or tomato paste)

laurel leaves, salt and pepper


What You Will Do:

Saute garlic and onion in some olive oil until golden brown.

Add the minced chicken meat and let it cook while stirring from time to time.

Add your potatoes, later your carrots, and few minutes more add your green peas.

When your meat is fully cooked and your veggies turned crisp and just nice, add tomato puree, laurel leaves, some salt and pepper. You may add some sugar if you want it sweet. Let it simmer for 5 minutes.

Finally, add the quail eggs and stir gently. Let it simmer for few minutes more then it is ready to serve.


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