Online Shopping Deals and Discounts at ShopBack!

I have been a great fan of online shopping ever since I became a mom.

But why not? I can do shopping while on my pajamas. I can browse through 101 different products in just simple clicks. I can securely pay using a credit card and many of these online shops offer free deliveries too. I just have to make sure that the shop is legit and have good customer reviews.

Like when shopping with Honestbee and Fairprice Online, I am getting the same prices, savings and deals offered at a nearby Fairprice outlet. But buying online saves me a lot of time, no more long queues to the cashier, and  it also saves me the burden of carrying heavy and bulky grocery items like baby milk cans, diapers, etc.

And the best part? Many online shops now are getting more and more competitive and are offering attractive shopping deals and valuable discounts. Some would even offer you cash rewards just by shopping from their affiliates like Isn’t that cool?!

Check out this video to see the smarter way to shop online.


Shopback Singapore is a cashback site that pays you for shopping with more than 500 merchant stores. It has a wide variety of store offerings on board – from lifestyle stores, grocery stores, food deliveries, travel sites and a lot more. It is one of the most popular cashback site in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

I just love shopping sites like this one which enable us shoppers to be more savvy and more informed with our choices of products and services. The layout of its website makes it easier for shoppers to see and compare among other similar shops and products before finally making the purchase.

Aside from cash rewards, kiasu moms like me would also be happy to know that Shopback Singapore also offer discount coupons. You can look for the latest deals to help you save from all the popular merchants across all categories from food delivery service Foodpanda, online travel agency Expedia to popular health and beauty dispensary Guardian and many more!


The amazing deals seem endless. Click here to get some more discount coupons to use in your next shopping.

There you go shopaholic moms, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Happy smart shopping happy moms!


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