Blues Night at Crazy Elephant

Planning a date night with the hubby is a bit of struggle now that we have a toddler in the family and I have crazy schedule at work. Time is just so precious nowadays but good thing we managed to just do it one fine Sunday night.

We went to Clark Quay, a popular night spot in Singapore, without any idea where to go. We just let our feet lead us to the best place to hang out that night, and we landed having a great time at Crazy Elephant.


His & Hers. Waiting for the Band.

Crazy Elephant is in a little corner of Clark Quay facing the river. The bar is nothing fancy, the mood is casual which we really like. They got a bar with a good variety of liquor and non-alcoholic drinks.  They have no in-house food but could readily give you a menu of light, tasty grub sourced from nearby restos. The service was friendly and fast. The price is cool considering the great free music that night.

FullSizeRender 3

Seth Roach and the Blues Machine slaying a load full of New Orleans’ music that spectacular  night at Crazy Elephant.

It was a beautiful crazy act from Seth Roach with unassuming blues talents behind his back. The performance was superb. It was like I was transported back to that raw, amateurishly perfect act I could find in St. Peter’s Square in NOLA. It was like they just happened to pass by, felt the groove, and started to play like it was their first and the last.

After their gig, there were some excited expats holding on to their music pieces eager to play in front of an audience. We learned that Sundays are jam nights at Crazy Elephant and anyone and can freely jam on stage and perform like rock stars for a night. They nailed it!

The crowd was pleased. We were ecstatic. I could sense my man was itchy to have his fingers on those guitar strings too, but he is too shy. Oh well, maybe on our next date night. Cheers!


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