Travel Blog Award: I am Richer!


I am always itching to explore new places and at the same time,  experience culture unknown to me and discover food unfamiliar to my taste. I always have this ever curious, free spirited, 18-year-old trapped in me no matter how old I become.

I do not have to be insanely rich to travel. I just need to be smart in finding the best travel deals and bring along a lot of common sense in my escapades and ultimately, be open to adventures and misadventures. That is what makes the journey more exciting. This is also what I want to teach to my children. That our experiences in travelling makes us rich. It feeds our souls with joy and wisdom.

Not just food and whatnot, my blog documents the travels I made in the past and the memories I captured in photos. Little did I know that some witty editors at Food Panda Singapore magazine thought that my blog is cool. Sweet!

My blog got it to Food Panda Singapore’s Best Travel Blog in 2016 (no. 19th to be exact) and won me this badge ↓

Here are some of the travel related posts I wrote in the past:

A Foodie Guide to New Orleans

Gardens by the Bay: Quick Guide for Moms

Travel Must Have: Emergency Phone Numbers Card

7 Things I Love with Changi Airport

Weekend Getaway: Johor Bahru

Weekend Getaway: Batam, Indonesia

Weekend Getaway: Bintan, Indonesia

My Phuket Retreat

Thank you to Mr. Alexander Hihler, FoodPanda Online Marketing Manager, and to the rest of the staff of Food Panda Singapore for the wonderful recognition.



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