Finding the Best Airport Baby Care Rooms


Imagine travelling alone with a baby. You got a wheeled luggage bag, a handbag carrying your passports and tickets, a baby bag with milk and nappies, and a sling carrying your precious one. Suddenly, the inevitable. The little munchkin pooped!

While this scenario can be stressful, it is a relief when you are in Singapore’s Changi Airport. I will never run out of praises for Singapore’s Changi Airport. It is by far the best airport I have been to. It has the best facilities including well-equipped and well-functioning Baby Care Rooms.

Changi Airport got baby strollers you can use within airport premises. It has safety harness and handles to carry shopping or baby bags. So as soon as you reached the airport, you can use this stroller to help you carry your baby and the rest of your stuff while you head to your airline’s check in counter.


Take a peek inside one of the Baby Care Rooms in the Departure Area.

The changing station got paper towels and vendo machine for diapers.


Hot and Cold water dispenser. A wash basin with liquid soap. Plastic bags for soiled diapers. Rubbish bins. A cozy corner seat for breastfeeding moms with a nearby charging station for mobile phones and gadgets.



Don’t you just agree with me mommies? We got here the best airport baby care room!




3 thoughts on “Finding the Best Airport Baby Care Rooms

  1. Last year I visited Singapore. You are right about the Changi airport. They have the best facilities for baby care. Not only me but all the other mothers were very thankful to them. All other airports should provide this kind of service.

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