Gardens by the Bay: Quick Guide for Moms

Gardens by the Bay is one of the most stunning, one of the largest, and probably one of the most sophisticated outdoor garden landscape anyone could ever find on earth.

The 32 hectare wide garden is purely man-made but the ingenuousness behind the entire master plan is simply amazing.

Imagine the dome-like cooled conservatories – Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, the magical symphony of those towering SuperTrees, the attractively manicured lawns and the themed display of various plants from corner to corner.

It takes lots of walking going through the conservatories and other attractions inside the garden but thank God for the shuttle service! It made it easier for families with small children to enjoy the views without tiring much the feet and surrendering to scorching sun. You can hop on and off all the day for only $3 per person.

Another good thing is that the Gardens also has a fantastic water play area for children.

IMG_0894Young kids  can enjoy the water playground in the Children’s Garden while parents are resting in the shaded waiting area. They could definitely not resist the fun water attractions so better come  prepared and bring proper swim wear and your own towels.


Older children can try trekking in the adventure trail just beside the water playground. There are also tree houses that offer jungle-like adventures with some spider net, hill climbing ropes and spinner bowls.

These attractions for your kids are free and are fully equipped with shower and changing rooms, toilets and snack shop for those always hungry tummies.


How are all these for some active fun? It would surely be nice to cap your family day out with some local food. With a little more walk down the riverside, try some mouth-watering fresh grills at Satay by the Bay.


Find savoury, fresh off the grill satay varieties like prawns, chicken, beef and mutton. Try Hookien Mee or Prawn Noodles too.  Cool down with fresh coconut juice or lime juice while enjoying the sight of the Singapore River.

Oh, and not to forget! Head to the SuperTrees Grove around 7:30 pm and watch the rhapsody of lights and music. These trees truly come alive in the night.



Gardens by the Bay maybe be reached through the train, bus, taxi or private car. Also, check out special rates and promotions for local residents. Click here for more information on planning your trip at the Gardens.

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