My Cheesy-Bacon-Veggie Wrap

It can be very frustrating to feed the family with healthy meals when it’s so convenient to just sit at the next door food centre, order ready to eat food and have someone else clean up your plates when you’re done.

This is how it is in Singapore. In every corner block is a kopi tiam, a coffee shop offering not only hot and cold beverages and the usual soft-boiled eggs and kaya toast sets but cheap, tasty, ready to eat full meals from morning till night.

One coffee shop got several food stalls offering different cuisines. Go to an Indian stall and find prata, murtabak, curry rice, tandoori, etc. Go to Malay stall and find popiah, nasi lemak, goreng, rendang, etc. Go to Chinese stall and you find all sorts of noodle soups, chicken and duck rice, carrot cake, oyster omelet, etc. It does not stop there, some of these coffee shops also have Western food stall, Thai food stall, among others.

I once remarked to a Singaporean friend that when we first moved here, I wanted to eat only from the vegetarian stalls thinking they must have been offering the healthier stuff since they do not cook meat but I just cannot stand how oily the food they have in such stalls. This friend “educated” me that it does not necessarily follow that vegetarian food here, particularly the ones in hawker centres, is the healthiest food choice. It can be packed with too much oil, salt and even MSG which are all bad for the health.

The lesson is — cheap, tasty and ready-to-eat meals are not outright nutritious, even in nearly perfect Singapore.

Home-cooked meals are still the best option as you have complete control on what will be on your plate and how it will be prepared. This is quite a challenge to me as a homemaker, so what I try to do is to put some balance in every food I prepare at home.  

Here is a wrap recipe perfect for breakfast or snacks. It has the good (veggies) and the bad (bacon) but will surely appeal to the whole family and will not hurt the pocket too.



Wholemeal Wrap  


Bacon Bits

Mushroom slices

Baby Spinach

 Grated Carrots

Grated Cheese

➡️ Place your wrap in a plate, spread some mayonnaise, add mushrooms slices, baby spinach, bacon bits, grated carrots and cheese. Roll your wrap and heat on a pan for 5-10 minutes or until all sides are evenly warmed.


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