Practical Tips on Buying Baby Clothes

My baby has grown so fast. I still remember announcing to the world on a  previous post that I had successful given birth to baby J but look at her now, an adorable munchkin at 6 months!


Before, she was wrinkly, fragile, and somewhat irritable little critter that I had to deal with a lot of patience. Now, she has changed a lot and improved so much in many ways. She has gained the weight and height just right for her age… actually, a bit more weight, hehe! She got stronger grip to hold on things and can sit with a little help. She fully recognises our voices and faces. She knows who is mom, who is dad, and who is ate. She eats some solids and prefers pureed fruits. She has also transformed into a happy baby who giggles in every playtime and smiles back to anyone who greets her. She falls into sleep on her own and it is very rare that she would wake up on ungodly hours to ask for milk.

I love to dress her up but when a baby grows so fast like Baby J, there is the tendency to outgrow fast many of her clothes too. If not checked, she may be wearing an unfit clothing that can make her uncomfortable and cranky.

I am lucky to choose from the many baby clothes I received as gifts. I just have to be conscious of which ones must she wear first according to her age and size. There are still other stuff that I had to buy for Baby J like socks, headbands, onesies and rompers, and I usually get them for reasonable prices from mall sales, baby fairs, flea markets and online shops.

Here are some pointers I would like to share to fellow moms who want to be practical yet stylish when dressing up their bundles of joy.

1. Choose clothes at least one size bigger than the actual age of baby. My Baby J only used her newborn clothes for a week and good thing I have plenty of 0-3 months old onesies and rompers and they fit just right for baby.

2. Consider the material of the clothes and the weather outside. If you live in a humid environment like we have in Singapore and Manila, a clothing made of 100% cotton is the best choice.  It is not just comfortable for baby, it is also easy to wash and dry too.

3. Go for the red tags. There is no “out of season” for baby clothing not unless you live in a country with four seasons, then you have to buy season-fitting clothes, especially for winter time. I bought Baby J’s first pair of tights at H&M during a sale and got them at half the original price.

4. Consider pre-loved designer labels. If you are tempted to buy an expensive stuff for baby like winter boots or coat, weigh in your options and you will likely favor a gently used item of the same label for a fraction of the cost.

5. Recycle and Pay it Forward. When I have gathered a bag full of slightly used baby stuff, I sell it online through at very cheap price and give away for free unused, unwanted gifts.

6. Try hassle-free online shopping. There are plenty of online shops nowadays that offer wide variety of adorable dresses for babies and kids. Some even got discount offers, flash sales and free delivery services. Check out for great deals.





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