Thank You InterNations and the Community of Global Minds

There are many reasons a person leaves his home country and settle in a foreign land. 

Some work and live overseas due to economic reasons, some because of work assignments or business opportunities, and others want to fulfill a personal dream or goal. 

In our case, my family moved to Singapore to support my husband with his advancing career. He had a good job offer and his work permit allowed us, his family, to legally stay with him so we grabbed the opportunity. That big move started our expat life and so was my blog. 

My blog chronicles my life as a mom and my family’s little adventures in the tiny red dot. My blog is as neoteric as our stay in Singapore and I can still remember writing my very first blog entry – Kopi, Teh or Me? just a few days after we landed. I was so excited and at the same time so scared of our moving that it gave me the inspiration to write. 

With about two years of my on and off romance with writing (blogging), I had the opportunity to meet real people (not spam) who appreciated my blog and communicated to me through email. I also gained valuable followers, and received few proposals to try brands and services. Some of my blog posts were featured in the digital newspapers of BlogExpat and GirlGoneInternational, and I was also interviewed and featured in  ExpatsBlog.

Recently, my blog got a thumbs up from, one of the largest online community of expatriates from all over the world. My blog,, is now listed among InterNations’ “Recommended Expat Blogs in Singapore” and my story of moving from Philippines to Singapore got featured as well.                              

InterNations was founded in 2007 by three young entrepreneurs from Germany (former expatriates themselves) and it has become the biggest expatriate network worldwide. It boasts of more than a million membership to date and the organization aims to unite people of same interests and similar situations who are living or working abroad. 

InterNations helps expats to feel at home abroad, meet people and find information about their new environment: “Make life easier for expats!”

It’s website has interesting features to benefit anyone who is thinking of moving overseas or is already in a foreign country and in the process of adopting to his new environment. It has forums, group discussions, country and city guides, online magazine, by invite events, and volunteer programs. 

I feel InterNations is a very good platform for expatriates to virtually get-together, expand career networks, or simply share experiences and tips on moving and living overseas. It is truly flattering to be associated with this well-trusted organization and be one with the community of global minds.

My sincerest thanks for recognizing my humble blog and more power InterNations!

One thought on “Thank You InterNations and the Community of Global Minds

  1. Congrats! You know, years ago I got an invite & signed up for internations, but never got around to going to any of their meetings or anything…


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