Love Locks at Clarke Quay


Love is definitely in the air at Clarke Quay.

It was a surprise seeing Locks of Love crammed on one side of The Central mall fence in Clarke Quay. Some even got messages and photos of sweethearts tagged in their love locks.


The myth behind the love lock is that when a couple fixes a padlock on a bridge (or in this case, a fence) and throw away the key, their love for each other will never end.

I know there are love locks on a bridge in Paris but not Singapore. Paris, after all is the love city while Singapore… Clarke Quay… um… Maybe I just associated Clarke Quay much to partying and clubbing, and neither I see it romantic to have love locks on a mall fence. Nice try though as many lovers have still sealed their locks of love there.


Perhaps Love Locks on Helix Bridge above the beautiful Marina Bay?

Maybe next Valentine’s Day…

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