7 Things I Love with Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport ranked first in the World’s Best Airports for this year according to the The World Airports Award and without a doubt it is the best airport a traveller would like to get stranded to or pass a layover.

I, for one, would not mind having my flight delayed if I am at this airport as there are many things to see, to do, to eat and to buy at Changi Airport. It is also very convenient for parents like me who has been traveling with a kid, and now, with a baby in tow.

I am listing here the 7 Things I Love with Changi Airport:

There are diaper changing stations in every terminal with amenities that every mommy would surely appreciate like hot water, paper towels, and a vendo machine for disposable diapers. There are also comfortable nursing rooms for breastfeeding moms like me.

Every terminal has a playground. The play areas are free, clean and safe for children’s enjoyment. But the real treat for kids? The Slide at Terminal 3! The Slide stands at four storeys tall and declared the world’s tallest slide inside an airport.

This airport is an environment ally. There are recycling bins placed in strategic locations inside the airport and it is the only airport that abounds with indoor nature trails and attractions like the Sunflower Garden, Butterfly Garden and the Koi Pond, among others. These attractions are open to the public without entrance fees.

The Internet Wi-Fi is free and works quite fast anywhere you may be inside the airport. There are also designated free Internet kiosks and free charging stations for our indispensable gadgets.

For tourists, Changi Airport absorbs the 7% tax which means 7% discount from your total shopping expenses. There are wide range of items to buy inside each terminal, from affordable local souvenirs to luxury goods.

The hallways, toilets, facilities and everything else are clean, organized and in perfect working conditions.

From local hawker fare to internationally-known food establishments, this airport offers a lot of food choices. On a budget and in a hurry? Go to Kopitiam or Burger King. Want a full service resto? Try Poulet or Crystal Jade Restaurant. Singapore is Food. Good food, that is!

How many times have I used the word FREE in this post? Well, the kiasu in me is simply overwhelmed with the high quality amenities offered free of charge at Changi Airport to a simple traveller like me. Hope you will enjoy your every stop at Changi Airport like I always do.

Happy travels everyone! 😊😊😊

4 thoughts on “7 Things I Love with Changi Airport

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  2. Hi! Just wondering as next month will be travelling with a baby for the first time, are parents with babies allowed to get through the automated lane at changi airport? TIA 😊


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