The Birth Story of My Bunso: Jeanne Bernice

It was exactly 12:17 am of September 21, 2014.

I was 40 weeks and 3 days in gestation, and I was in the delivery room of Parkway East Hospital in Singapore when I gave a natural (painless, thanks to epidural!) delivery to my bunso.


Bunso means the last, the youngest child, in Filipino. Jeanne Bernice is my bunso. My other daughter, Jodee, is 11 years older than Baby Jeanne and she is so excited, so ready to have a sibling.


My labor started about 11-12 hours earlier that day, lunchtime, when I felt mild to moderate contractions. I was still able to walk and make fun of my husband’s anxiousness with the situation although I could hardly concentrate and finish my meal.

I phoned my doctor, Dr. Loke Kah Leong, told him that I was in some pain and there were contractions every 10-20 minutes. He instructed me to proceed to the hospital and his staff will coordinate with the nurse-in-charge.

It was a good thing that it happened on a weekend. My husband and daughter were with me at home and I have long packed my hospital bag for this eventful day.

We went to the hospital at around 2 pm and I was immediately brought to the labour and delivery room. That started the waiting game for baby Jeanne.


My husband was beside me throughout my labour. It was actually a new experience for the both of us because he was not allowed in the delivery room when I gave birth to my firstborn in the Philippines. He was engrossed in monitoring the intensity of my every contraction and he was also thankful that I had epidural or we both fainted or got so stressed with my expected wailing.

Baby Jeanne weighed 3.520 grams and was 52 cm in length.

The epidural definitely became my best friend that day. I felt numb from my waist down yet I managed to push baby out with the coaching of the nurse and my doctor. The downsides were my constant shivering and vomiting but everything else went okay.


I was filled with the feeling of relief (as my pregnancy was sooooooo tiring) and pure bliss when I finally saw baby Jeanne and heard her cry for the first time.

She passed her hearing test, received her first BCG and Hepatitis B vaccine shots, and I breastfed her for the first time at the recovery room. She was a healthy baby and ready to go home the next day.

I felt accomplished in successfully bringing to the world another human creation blessed by the Almighty.


Above is Baby Jeanne now. A dotting 1 month cutie pie and often strutting her charming smile. I am excited to share with you her baby milestones on later posts but meantime, let me sing her a lullaby and put her to sleep.

Good night and don’t let the bedbugs bite! ;)

4 thoughts on “The Birth Story of My Bunso: Jeanne Bernice

  1. Motherhood has really brought me so much joy and fulfilment as a woman and my children are my source of Everyday strength and happiness. Thanks Momma and happy parenting to you too!


  2. Congratulations on your bundle of joy! She looks absolutely adorable with a caring sibling to add to your blessing. Your story brought back memories of my own time at the hospital and the beautiful experience of seeing the little life that you carried for 9 full months. Take care and happy parenting!

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  3. Agree! While it is a bit expensive compared to giving birth in my home country, the care, safety and overall birthing experience were all worth it. I think finding the right doctor is also very important. I had a good one with Dr. Loke. Thanks for dropping by my blog site. Have a great day!


  4. Great to read about your experience. I think Singapore is a great country to give birth in. I felt safe and well looked after both times. First time at Gleneagles and second time at Thomson Medical.

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