Online Shopping for Baby Needs

In Singapore, confinement is a concept observed by Chinese in 30 days, Malays in 44 days and Indians in 40 days after giving birth.

In the Philippines, we also have the same concept and it is the same as in many Asian traditions. It is surrounded by myths like not taking a bath or not washing the hair for a week to let not “wind” enter the body, eating herbal soups to increase milk production or drinking certain liquor to replenish lost blood after delivery.

While there’s no harm in listening to the old wives’ tale and following some of them, I guess I am just like many new-age mums. In my post-delivery recovery days, I listened foremost to my recovering body. I did not engage in activities, not even conversations, that will exhaust my energy. I followed my doctor’s advices and I also read information from reliable medical sources on the Internet.

I tried to take as much rest as I can, ate as healthy as possible and welcomed help from family members in doing house chores and in taking care of my newborn baby.

It was also in those times of confinement where online shopping for baby essentials was a big help. It was hard to move around carrying a newborn inside a mall and changing nappies or breastfeeding in between errands, so shopping within the comforts of my own home is but heaven!

Good thing I came across This online multi-store offers a huge range of products, with over 100 brands and 2000 products in store.


It specializes in well trusted brand name in baby skin care, California Baby, and I just love the value packs they have. They got California Baby Calendula, Calming and Super Sensitive trial bundles that are affordable and comes in many (even travel) sizes. This is something perfect if mums want to try first which product will suit best their babies.

In my box is an Owen Pink Octopus baby bath robe and booties plus a bundle of California Baby Super Sensitive skin care products. Baby and I are happy with our purchase!.

It also offers organic baby food and snacks, baby gears, toys and books; a wide selection of diapers and milk formula of brands such as Huggies, Mamypoko, GOO.N, Friso, Similac, Gain IQ, Pediasure; and an array of great finds for mums like diaper bags and skin care products.

I find it’s website easy to navigate and the product descriptions are very informative. To shop, you simply click on the items you want, add them to your virtual shopping cart and safely pay with your credit card or via PayPal, then wait for your items to be delivered at your doorstep the following day.

The online shopping experience with was totally hassle-free and saved me free time to attend to my baby’s needs.

By the way, is giving 5% discount to my readers from today til the 27th of November. Simply quote expatmomdiaries upon checkout. Give it a shot mummies!

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