My Firstborn and the BabyBump

Lovely baby photos.


A few months back, I retrieved baby photos of my firstborn and saved it on my iPad. I always look on to these lovely photos whenever morning sickness strikes or I feel heavy and sluggish because of my 2nd pregnancy.

This is not an easy pregnancy as I feel old and not in my perfect health to bear another child at 36, and the fact that my first daughter is now 11 years old, there’s just so many things to adjust to, to learn and re-learn.

I had to hold on to something, a reminder that everything will be alright and something wonderful is about to unfold (again).

The lovely baby photos helped but another good thing is this free iPhone app that helps me in battling my pregnancy woes. It also makes the documentation of my pregnancy fun and it is a great source of learning and inspiration.

BABYBUMP is a free pregnancy app and social network for expectant moms. You can upload week-by-week pics of your growing baby bump, read pregnancy and parenting advices, receive daily and weekly pregnancy tips, socialize and share experiences with fellow expectant moms online.


I love joining their online groups where you can post a question or poll.

You can freely say or ask whatever that bothers you no matter how embarrassing it may be. The group members doesn’t personally know you so there’s no pre-judgement of sort.

From asking if others are experiencing excessive and uncontrolled farting like you do or if they had similar bad dream of the baby coming out with defects. You can also post a poll for the baby name choices you have in mind or a poll whether to go natural or c-section.

The online community is just so helpful and many good-natured members would even give private encouraging messages or share their first-hand experiences on a similar situation. They can be a surrogate support group when friends and family members are far away like in my case.


I do not feel the need to buy the full version because the charting of weight and others are already recorded during pre-natal visits with my doctor.


Thank goodness for the people behind this app and the amazing wonders of today’s technology. Happy weekend!

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