Shiraz Kebab: Good Full Meal in a Wrap!

Have you seen this inviting gourmet Kebab stall along Orchard Road?


I’ve always wanted to try their beef or lamb kebab but whenever I pass by, it’s either I just had eaten or I’m ready to take the bus to head home.

But today is the day. I just had my routine pre-natal checkup this morning and will have my first pre-natal massage at Forum Mall, along Orchard Road.

On a hurry, a good full meal on-the-go is just exactly what me and my husband needed and luckily, Shiraz Mazzeh has a stall in front of the Forum mall like in Takashimaya.


Meat choices are chicken, beef and prime lamb. Veggie choices are fresh lettuces, tomatoes, pickles, and jalapeños. Sauce choices are garlic yogurt, tomato, barbeque, chili, mayonnaise and hummus.


I had beef kebab and the meat is very tender and juicy. I also like the addition of pickles and jalapeños, the flavors are complementing and delicious.

One wrap sells at $9.20 for chicken and beef meat and a dollar more for prime lamb. They got grilled Persian sausages too.

Their kebab serving is huge. I can’t finish the whole kebab, had to bring the leftover home.Will I buy again? Yes, but will ask for extra dip and when I have a big appetite for Persian wrap.

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