Your Guide to Singapore KOPI & TEH


In every travel, part of the adventure is to have a taste of the local delicacies and experience anything unique in that city.

When in Singapore, aside from eating chicken rice and chili crab in a hawker center, tourists must not pass having a cup of flavorful KOPI or pulled TEH in a local coffee shop or the Kopitiam.

What makes the local coffee in Singapore different is the use of condensed milk to sweeten the coffee and the process of “hand pulling” a hot tea from one container to another which creates a foamy head.

There are different types of coffee and tea served in coffee shops and they are relatively cheap and definitely worth your dollar.

Here’s a quick guide when ordering your hot drinks in Singapore:

The ‘C’ in ‘Kopi-C’ refers to evaporated milk, so this milky and unsweetened blend is both smooth and aromatic.

Kopi-C Kosong
‘Kosong’ means zero sugar, while ‘C’ refers to evaporated milk, so this unsweetened blend, concocted with coffee and non-diary creamer, has a smooth velvety finish.

Kopi Siew Dai
‘Siew Dai’ means ‘less sweet’ in local lingo, this milky coffee with less sugar is suitable for those who are sugar-conscious.

Pure blend of sweetened black coffee without milk.

Kopi-O Gao
‘Gao’ means ‘thick’ in local lingo, so this coffee blend has a stronger aroma and taste. It is the equivalent of an Asian Espresso.


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