My 2014 Promises

New Year - Throwback

How’s your first week of the year?

Mine has been peaceful, relaxed and love-filled.

After the holidays, my husband signed up a membership in the same gym I go to and we had the chance to workout together. Working out together is something new to our 11-year-old marriage, and it is turning out to be a fun and healthy husband and wife bonding time.

My daughter went back to the same school and she is now on Primary 5. She enjoyed mingling in her new class and she even got a nomination from her teachers to become a prefect trainee in her school.

As for me, I am back to attending to my plants and home chores. I had general cleaning days ago and was able to put some “order” back into our house. I also have donated some old clothes to a community charity drive and started reading a book on Elizabeth Taylor. And on free time, I try not to let my brains be eaten by Dr. Zomboss and the monstrous zombies of Plants vs. Zombies. This game is just so addicting!

I got resolutions too! The promises I wanted to keep in my to-do list for the rest of the year and mark them (hopefully) complete before 2014 ends. Here are my 2014 promises:

    I promise to eat healthy, to eat more fruits and vegetables. No midnight snacks and fast-food on weekdays.
    I promise to work out in the gym at least 3x a week and lose 12 kilos. That is 1 kilo every month starting this January. I needed something realistic, you know.
    I promise to pick up a new book every month, let it not get dusty on my bedside shelf but rather finish reading it.
    I promise to save up, resist buying a new bag, and enroll in further studies or take a new hobby.
    I promise to reconnect with my old folks in New Orleans and to call them at least once a month.
    I promise to do another short-term volunteer work. I had a good experience at SPCA, maybe I will sign up again or look for other volunteer opportunities here in Singapore.
    I promise to write in my blog at least once a week. Oh my muse, I beseech thee!

5 thoughts on “My 2014 Promises

  1. Hi Cherrilyn! I believe each experience would be different depending on one’s circumstances. Pros would be Singapore public schools teach in English, it has globally-accepted standards, teachers and teaching methods are efficient (have you heard of Singapore Maths?), and they got great facilities at school.

    Cons, they have mother tongue subjects – Chinese, Malay and Tamil required for Primary 1 students, and learning a new language can be a challenge for a foreign student. However, higher level entrants may apply for exemption from MOE. Tuition Fee is very expensive for foreign students not unless your family becomes Permanent Residents of Singapore then you will get affordable local tuition rates.

    My daughter was quick to adapt socially in school because of Filipino classmates she met in there. It made the adjustment so much easier. I am no expert but I hope I was able to be of some help. You may contact me via email:


  2. I would like to know how I can reach you? Like skype or email. I am a mother of 7 year old boy. And we are planning to transfer in singapore. Am planning to work there with my husband. What do you think of kids transferring to Singaporean school? Any advise. Would appreciate much.

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