Home for the Holidays!

It’s 1:10am and I have a 10:00 am flight to catch. But I cannot sleep. It’s not because I’m worried about something but because I am overjoyed and excited.

Why? After 392 days of being away, I am returning home for the holidays. I got no complaints with staying in Singapore. In fact, I am very much happy with the systematic transportation system here, the efficient government service, the variety of food and the lovely, distinct people of Singapore. But home is home.

Where is home? To my new readers, my home is the calamity-stricken, poverty-laden, developing county – Philippines. Aside from it’s many problems, Philippines is also where the happiest people are. We got the longest Christmas celebrations and fiestas. We got the best roasted pork we call Lechon. We got many historic Catholic Churches and we got the largest Catholic believers. We got pristine beaches and many beautiful landmarks.

I am excited to see my big sister, who has turned out to be a copycat of my mom, in a good way. I am excited to hug and play with my nieces who are now all taller than me. I am excited to run to a family videoke house and sing with my friends. I am excited to share my expatriate stories and hear all their share of stories about the recent super typhoon, the unending senate hearings on the latest government corruption scandal, the victory of the pound-for-pound champion – Manny Pacquio, and the many other stories I only get to read in the internet. I am excited to have my cheap facial and massage.

This is how I feel and I guess this is what every Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) feels when they have been away from home and their loved ones for a long time. I could not imagine how sad it is for those who cannot spend holidays in the the Philippines because of work like the doctors and nurses or because of monetary constraints in the case of most domestic helpers. These are genuine sacrifices of OFWs to “bring home the bacon.” Hats off to all OFWs around the globe and here’s to wishing for a better Philippines soon!

I will try to sleep now folks and see you later Manila!


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