10 Signs Mom is (oh so) Bored


1. The next door auntie is mom’s new best friend.

2. All her plants blooming, none withered or died in the past weeks.

3. No surprises of spoiled veggies or leftovers in the refrigerator.

4. Mom got time to sit down and get acquainted with Ina Garten of the lovely show, Barefoot Contessa.

5. Mom meticulously reads every product label and leisurely checks every isle of an air-conditioned supermarket.

6. While working people look forward to laze around at home, mom looks forward to outdoor fun on weekends.

7. From getting stuck at level 45 for months, mom reached level 85 in days and won every level of Candy Crush with 3 colorful stars.

8. Nails polished, eyebrows trimmed… Not exactly Brazilian but yeah, all else trimmed.

9. Mom is not satisfied listening to Hot FM’s Transgender Game in the morning, she intends to call and join.

10. Mom blogged, re-blogged. Tweet, re-tweet. Post, re-post.

Of course I exaggerated the list! 😁 But you have to forgive me. One week off from work is heaven. Two, three weeks, enjoyable. More than that, I need to find amusement in the littlest things and reassure myself that things will be fine… soon. I need to remind myself that the very reason that we are expatriates here is to be together as a family and support my husband’s career, and that all else is a 😇 blessing.

Now, back to blogging, twitting, posting. 🙈🙉🙊

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