Learning to Bike at East Coast Park

We went to East Coast Park to spend the afternoon outdoors.

My daughter, Jodee, packed her small bag with light snacks, extra T-shirt and Maths workbook. She always wanted to try cycling but never had a chance. We had a good feeling this would be the day that she will learn how to use the bicycle.

We arrived at East Coast Park at around 3:00 pm and it was not crowded since it is a weekday.

East Coast Park 1

East Coast Park is one of the largest and most popular park in Singapore. It stretches to about 17 km in coastline and is divided into 8 major areas but throughout the park, anyone can enjoy jogging, swimming, cycling, kite flying, skating, beach volleyball and picnics. The park is clean and safe.

East Coast Park

The park can be very busy on weekends and people must book online in advance via National Parks to use the BBQ pit or to secure a camping permit or to rent a villa.

It is always a relaxing atmosphere in the park – the sound of waves, the sight of lush greens and the refreshing breeze of fresh air.

Jodee studying

Jodee finished her Maths homework while we sit quietly beside her. At around 4:30 pm she was ready for some action. We rented a junior size bicycle at $10 for 1 hour (extra 1 hour free on weekdays) but in less than an hour, she has mastered her balance and took good control of the bicycle.

Jodee Biking

Her legs were dirty with grease and her face covered with sweat but she definitely enjoyed her successful first bike ride.

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