My Kitchen Challenge – 4 Days of Healthy & Yummy Meals

Singapore is a food paradise. It offers wide assortment of flavorful food which origins may be traced from China, India and the Malay peninsula. Like its culture, the food here is so diverse and it’s people has this deep, long relationship with good food.

Singaporeans would know where the best place to eat Hainanese Chicken Rice or Fried Kway Teow. They will patiently wait in long queues, they will eat at any hour and even travel for hours to neighboring Johor Bahru or Melacca for a mouthful of Peranakan cuisine. As my husband told me, the tip is to look for the shop or food stall with the longest queue and surely it has the best food.

There is also food for every budget. Hawker centers offer affordable food and this is the reason most locals opt to eat out than cook at home. It is common for families to congregate at hawker centers at dinner time on weekdays and on any time of the day on weekends.

If you are a tourist, this is definitely heaven but if you are a foreigner on a long-term stay, you could get tired of the local food at some point. Aside from that, if you are not as health conscious as the locals, too much eating out could pose problems to your blood sugar and your hips will surely complain.

So help me here. I am challenging myself in creating 5 days of healthy and delicious meals for my family starting tomorrow, Monday. I searched through several websites for recipes and inspirations and came up with this menu for this week:

Day 1: Poached Salmon with Lemon Rice
Day 2: Fusilli Michaelangelo with Roasted Chicken
Day 3: Seafood Fritata
Day 4: Spinapple Salad with Honey-Mustard Vinaigrette

As a natural rebel, I do not normally follow instructions, all the more recipes. I improvise and substitute ingredients, play around with herbs and spices, and infuse cooking methods pass on by my old folks . Except for the Spinapple and Sweet Summer Salad which recipes I created, I will use all the recipes (see links) here as guide and will share with you the results of my kitchen experiments on later posts. But please feel free to click on any menu title for its complete recipe.

Thanks to the websites of Jaime Oliver, Martha Stewart, Food Network, BBC Good Food, Bon Appetit, and Pillsbury for the inspiration. Let’s cook! 😊

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