Life Lessons at 36

I turned 36 last June 23rd.

Oh yeah, I did not mumble the numbers and did not flutter my lashes in shame.I feel there is really nothing to be embarrassed about a person aging. Everyone ages anyway, but not everyone matures as they say. For as long as you are growing old gracefully, then you are but on the right track.

Over a cup of hot green tea and while making fun of protruding crow’s-feet in my eyes’ corners, here are 36 life lessons I wrote down for your musing:

Raising A Child<

1. To raise a child who reads a lot, the parents should read a lot too.


2. A child is never too young to be trained and get acquainted with discipline.

3. Spare the rod, spare the harsh words. Use simple and loving words when explaining consequences of a misdeed. If all else fails, facing the wall always works, no need to lay hands on a child.

4. Children grows so fast, so take every opportunity to hug and kiss them, before they reach the awkward teenage stage.

5. Beauty and intelligence are gifts from parents passed on to a child through genes. Good character is a totally different, a totally laborious story.

Raising A Husband

6. Hugging, kissing, holding hands… Everyday exercises for a healthy marriage.

7. Your husband is primarily your lover, secondly your best friend and lastly your worst enemy. It should always be in that order, if the last is inevitable.

8. The king of the house must not be afraid to do the laundry, iron his own clothes and wash the dishes… Or at least when the queen is busy or sick.

9. Not with all his tattoos would make him the strongest or bravest man in the world. He too has his weaknesses. Manage his weaknesses like you holding his shaky hands in a scary roller coaster ride.


10. There must be something in your man who made you say yes in marriage. It maybe his wits, humor, artistry or whatever that maybe, try to remember the good traits when age and hormones seem to interfere.

Family Affairs

11. Your sister is your worst nightmare at times but always your very best and most reliable friend, next to your mother.

12. Even if you were brought up by the same parents, you and your siblings are your own persons.

13. You never really, fully understood your parents, their weird ways of telling and showing you what is best for you, until you become a parent yourself.

14. A mother, among all creations, is the most giving, the most forgiving and the most loving.


15. There is nothing more tragic than losing a loved one, seeing her breath her last when no one else is around but you.

Choosing Friends

16. It’s such a cliché but true! A friend is someone who knows you and your flaws but loves you just the same.

17. If you got nothing to give – fame, power, money, and yet friends remained, you found a goldmine! You must know how to take care of precious gems.

18. After some time, you realize that like clothes, you have to categories your friends – business, party, weekender and your favorite little black dress.

19. Gay friends are your best night out companions. You could go crazy without anyone noticing as they would always go crazier than you.

20. You do not need all the people in your friends list in Facebook, unfriend them if it will make your life less complicated, or unsubscribe to their news feeds if you just can’t delete them for now.

On Womanhood

21. Women are in a way more free from men. Free to cry, free to laugh, free to cry and laugh at the same time, and simply manage to claim back her sanity.

22. Women risk more than men like when giving birth or giving up a career over family or when marrying his surname, among other things.

23. Until they admit it, women are the silent captain of a family’s ship.

Life at Large

24. As they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Or better yet, mix it with vodka and party!

25. All living things has its end, including you and the people you tend to please. Live your life according to your rules without harming anyone.

26. Too much of everything is bad. Too little of everything is all the same bad. Try to live in moderation and maybe we will all live a bit longer on earth.

27. Save in as early as you can and enjoy returns of your investments even before you reach your retirement.

28. Splurge not in material things but in building good relationships.

29. Making your own garden gives one joy to the soul. The great Nelson Mandela had a garden while in prison and it made his life at peace even behind bars.


30. Do your little part in saving the Earth. Re-use shopping bags. Use Eco-friendly light bulbs. Segregate your garbage.

31. Choose natural beauty. It’s cheap, free from animal testing, free from carcinogens and any other harmful chemicals.

32. Dare to seek new adventures. Not necessarily jumping off a helicopter for a skydive but maybe quitting your comfortable job to follow your passion, say baking or painting?

33. Travel when you can. More than the photos you intend to share online, the experience is priceless!

34. Listen to good music to keep your mind free from unnecessary clutter.

35. Write what you think, what you feel, what you dream. Keep a journal. Write a blog. The young Anne Frank and Amos Lee just did. Their famous diaries did not just free them from their pent-up emotions but became best-seller books too.

36. Have a good relationship with your God.

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