My Anniversary Seafood Marinara

Last week, I got a call from Griffith’s Primary School that my daughter passed her placement test and she will join Primary 4 classes starting January 2, 2013. If I were to put a hash tag on this good news it would be #proudmama #newbeginnings #everydayblessings. :) :) :)

20121125-172601.jpgThe school year in Singapore starts in January and ends in mid November. I find the school calendar here somewhat better because in the Philippines, the school year starts in June which is also the start of the rainy season while the school year ends in the hot months of March or April. Rainy season in Manila means flooding and many school days are usually cancelled. It also means money paid for the tuition fees are wasted, plus health and safety of students are at risk during floodings. There had been many proposals and debates on changing the school opening in the Philippines but it appears none had succeeded.

Anyways, after receiving the call from Griffith’s, we immediately went to the school to buy books, supplies and uniform from the bookshop. The admin staff, the bookshop attendants and the guards were all polite and kind. We also met Anjali, a very friendly would-be classmate and possible new BFF of my daughter in the bookshop. She was fitting a new set of school uniform while playing around with her dad. She came from a mix of races. Her mom is Chinese while his dad is Indian. Her parents were as nice and friendly.

My Jodee really, really got excited seeing all her new stuff and feeling all the good vibes in her new school.


With all the preparations for my daughter entering a new school, and aside from everyday chores and work, me and my husband almost forgot that we have reached our 10th year of marriage last Monday, November 19. Throughout those years, there were little and big disagreements, even some grueling days of disappointments. Perhaps what really mattered was our renewed commitment to each other at every end of argument and cherish the many days of bliss.

We have not prepared anything special for that day but we managed anyhow to celebrate the occasion with a simple pasta dinner at home, a round of chitchats and sealed the night with a joyous kiss.

Here is my Anniversary Seafood Marinara recipe and I hope you will also have a great time eating this pasta espesyal with your loved ones!


1 pack linguine pasta (I love linguine but really your choice of pasta/noodles)
1 bottle tomato-mushroom sauce (or use crashed tomatoes in can)
1 garlic clove, chopped
1 white onion, chopped
prawns, shelled but leave tail on
squid, cut into rings
mussels or clams

Cook the pasta by following package instructions. Once cooked, let dry and set aside.

In medium heat, sauté garlic and onion in olive oil. Add the tomato-mushroom sauce then season with salt and pepper (or better with chili flakes). Let it simmer for 10 mins. Add prawns, squid, shells, mix well and let it simmer some more until seafood is cooked.

Pour the sauce on top of the cooked pasta, garnish with some fresh basil and immediately serve.

TIP: Try putting sliced lemon on the side. It will not only serve as an added garnishing, you can actually squeeze the lemon to your Seafood Marinara to add flavor and remove any remaining fishy taste/smell. Enjoy!

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