SG Shopping Deals for Practical Moms

“Singapore is an expensive city!”

That was the comment of my former Canadian boss after his short vacation here. Of course he was right, after all, he stayed for three nights at the Marina Bay Sands and only dined at the finest restaurants around Marina Bay, Orchard and Raffles area.

Splurging from time to time is not at all bad especially if you have the means. He has the means. He has every right to afford… and complain after his extravagant spending. ;)

I, on the other hand, wanted to shop and brighten up a bit our crib. But as a first-time expat mom who is still too conscious about the ongoing exchange rate that is Php33 to SGD $1, I am at a stage where I want to shop but only with the best bargains and only with the things we need at home.

I googled some home furnishing shops in Singapore, did some virtual window-shopping, and oh boy, I found some very tempting deals!

A sleek SOLSTA two-seater sofa-bed from the famous Swedish brand,  IKEA. It is value for money at $169. Converting the sofa into a bed seems so easy and cushions look comfy too. This is one versatile sofa, perfect to welcome a guest may it be day or night.



Another worth buying from IKEA is this lovely LAMPAN Table LampThis lamp is a steal at $4.90, just worth your average one set meal in a Kopitiam. Made up of plastic material but looks sturdy.
If budget is still too tight, here is a no-nonsense RUSCH Wall Clock also from IKEA. Only $1.50, no fancy decorations whatsoever yet will give you the same exact time .
This gorgeous, neat-looking Alvise Desk from Fortytwo.SG is simply irresistible. From the regular price of $159, it is now on clearance sale at only $45 due to some scratches. Still, it is a worthy buy as a home office desk for parents or a study table for kids. It also looks very sturdy since it is made of powder-coated steel. Red chair, of course, not included.

Wake up feeling cozy with this lovely Lissoni Coffee Table. Perfect to hold your favourite cup of coffee, light snacks or can become a corner table for your pile of books. A great buy at $61.90 (UP $119).


Also from Fortytwo.SG is this stylish NELYA TV Console. The unique design makes it beautiful. Not many homes would have something like this and it is a good deal at sale price of $99 (UP $199).
Unknown Unknown2




Multi-function Herrington Kitchen Trolley gives extra space and helps in organising the kitchen. It can also be moved from one corner of the kitchen to the other. On sale at  Courts Singapore for $69 (UP179).


Silentnight 2-1 Bed is probably the best solution to limited room space. It accommodates two sleepy heads at night and instantly saves space in day time. Good to know is that the bed coverings protect against dust mites, bacteria and mildew. Also on sale at Courts Singapore for $229 (UP$389).


I am sure many practical moms in Singapore like me are now drooling with the best buys I have in this post, but with some more clicks here and there, I am pretty sure you would also find something that would answer your need and budget.

Here are some online shops in Singapore that will allow you to shop and pay online, no fuss:

P.S. Mommies transact only with legit online shop and be cautious of individual sellers and those too good to be true online deals.

P.P.S. Please check respective online stores for more updated product prices and  promotions.


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