Kopi, Teh or Me?

I had been in and out of Singapore in the recent years to visit my husband who works as an Events Designer. A few months back, my family decided to be together in just one home and in just one country. Many changes took place since the decision. I quit my five-year old job in Manila, transferred my daughter in a Singaporean school and embraced a more domesticated lifestyle. And oh yes, to save my sanity, I started blogging.

As a tourist, I keep coming back in the Lion City because of the fascinating mix of cultures, the variety of foods in every corner and the different places of interest. However, living Singaporean style 24/7 is but a different story… crossing my fingers that despite the adjustments, this becomes a fun and rewarding family journey.

Please join me as I narrate some of my experiences as an expat mom in Singapore… my challenges in finding Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera) leaves in the local market for my Tinola, getting lost in the MRT interchange, my bouts with squat toilets, and learning that Kopi O is for black coffee and Teh O is for tea without milk.

As this is my very first post, allow me to thank my two loving supporters who have their quirky ways of telling me they are fully behind my back… My Johnny and my Jodee. Also my thanks to family and friends who gave their worthwhile suggestions as I ponder on the title of this blog site.

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16 thoughts on “Kopi, Teh or Me?

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  2. Thanks a lot! Will try to entertain you more with my new adventures and misadventures as an expat mom… Do follow my posts! :)


  3. mare, baka guz2 mo ng seryosohin ang magazin since expat ka na rin, so mas makakarelate ka na rin for PINOY OFW TODAY? baka makagawa na rin tau ng event dyan? for the meantime, bigyan di kita ng space at sariling columnsa mag? go!go!go!


  4. Wow naman, congrats, everything/place are new to explore, but we missed the 3 of you here, so write/blog more….God bless, protect and guide you. Love lots…Ate


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